About Us

Hello! Welcome to Kits and Giggles - we are Krystal and Candice. Two creative mummies who both hold Bachelor Degrees in Early Childhood and we have a passion for teaching and play based learning.

We each have two littles and each have less than 17 months between our first born and second born. Crazy, right? Having a toddler and newborn increased the need for the older sibling to be independent so that we could feed baby, make meals, HAVE A HOT DRINK, or anything else busy parents dream of doing. This is how our kits were born!

The teacher within us paired with our creative sides, lead us to create the Toddler Grab n Go Kit. Initially intended to assist our own needs with our older children. Over time, we have created additional kits and are always thinking of new games or ways to cater for different learning abilities and needs. Each and every game has been designed or drawn by us and we whole heartily believe that they are educational and fun, making the kits the perfect solution to keep little hands and minds busy while you are! The carry case keeps the kits neat and convenient, with the ability to travel to cafes, the doctors waiting room or even as carry on hand luggage for a plane trip. The games are individually packed, giving you the choice to take a few games or the whole kit!


We met at the University of Melbourne whilst studying our Bachelor of Early Childhood degrees. When we graduated, we ended up teaching at the same Primary School, even working on the Prep team together. We finally got to share an office and classroom teaching a composite Prep and Grade One grade with 40 children. During that teaching year we began a small hobby business creating nappy cakes which evolved into what we create today! Our kids are close in age and our husbands are best friends so it wouldn't be wrong to say we spend a lot of time together, both business and non-business related!