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Our wide case Grab n Go Kits contain 10 educational games and an instruction card with ways to alter the games and extend the children's skills as they develop. Each game is in a button up pouch, with all 10 conveniently stored into a personalised carry case.

The Foundation Kit focuses on school readiness skills. Recommended for ages 3 and up*.

The games include:
- An alphabet matching game pictures to correct beginning sounds
- Name Game writing and arranging the letters in the child's name
- Shape Game building the shapes by using the corresponding amount of sides
- Cupcake Counting rolling a die and matching buttons using one to one correspondence
- Copying and Creating Patterns using colored sticks and a series of cards 
- Matching Subutising cookies to the numeral
- Colour Sort to continue practicing colour names and sorting skills 
- Fine motor writing practice using a whiteboard marker and series of patterns to trace 
- Caterpillar Counting numeral cards from 1-10 and one to one correspondence with Pom poms
- Spelling Game using pegs to spell their name and other high frequency words

Please provide the NAME of the Kit owner for the personalised case. The current turnaround time is 14-21 working days from when the order is received. If you are in need of a rush order please contact us first.

*Recommendation only. Each child is an individual and we are aware that abilities will differ with each child.

Disclaimer: our kits are designed for young minds however we recommend parental caution and supervision to ensure the child is capable to manipulate the materials for intended use.

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